Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super GT Wide Body Wira R34

Welcome to Long's Photo Gallery. Today, I would like to share some pictures of an extreme modified Proton Wira.

Super GT Wide Body Wira R34

First impression, it looks like a Skyline R34 with extreme wide bodykit, but actually, it is a Wira Sedan with Skyline R34 themed modification.

Super GT Wide Body Wira R34

the original head lamp has been covered with customized R34 style head lamp cover, the front bumper also customized with R34 style. Car body has been widen and the rear bonnet has equipped with a huge size GT wing to make it looks like a Super GT race car.

Super GT Wide Body Wira R34

The customized bodykit has connect the front bonnet, fender and bumper in a piece, the doors has been modified to lambo doors, it will be opened as vertical. I was snapped these pictures during Danga City Mall Autoshow.


sharff forester said...

bia betul...look nice la... :)

gadis chocolate said...

uish..smart lar sial

Anonymous said...

that a bad ass ride....ade info pasal workshop yg buat bende2 ni x??

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