Monday, June 6, 2011

Extreme Widebody Getz

I have posted the pictures of this extreme modified Getz before, this is the second time I have meet this monster. The rims are difference from the first time I saw it.

Extreme Widebody Getz autoshow

The extreme body kit of this car was built by AL Motorsport Johor.

Extreme Widebody Getz autoshow

Beside the extreme style bodykit and airbrush, this car have equipped with automatic horizontal sliding door. Looks at the back, the custom GT wing, custom exhaust and the custom rocket style tail lamp make it looks like a space ship.

Extreme Widebody Getz autoshow

Click here for more pictures of this car during Danga City Mall Autoshow.

Extreme Widebody Getz autoshow

1 comment:

CGS cat back exhaust said...

Wow, look at those custom exhaust. It looks perfect for the car. I wonder how does it sound and how much performance it gives?

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