Friday, March 25, 2011

Autoshow @ Tesco Kulai Part 3

Continue from the previous posts, Tesco Autoshow Part 1 and Part 2, here's some nice cars that do not participate the Autoshow competition.

modified accord sm4

If you have read my blog before, sure you will know this car. This is a Honda Accord SM4 with full bodykit. I like the customized rocket style taillight.

modified accord sm4

Modified Accord SM4 customized tail light.

modified Itasha Iswara

Itasha Iswara from Advanti Motorsport.

modified Itasha Iswara

Shark fin antenna.

modified iswara bodykit

Another Iswara with bodykit and sticker, also from Advanti Motorsport.

kancil bodykit

The Street Fighter Kancil.

Modified Satria Neo R3 bodykit

Modified Satria Neo with R3 bodykit.

VIP style Proton Persona

VIP style Proton Persona.

satria bodykit

Proton Satria with C west style front bumper and full sticker.

Toyota Vios bodykit

Toyota Vios with bodykit.

wira lancer gsr

Proton Wira Sedan with Lancer GSR head and ADVAN decals.

wira evo 2 bodykit

Proton Wira full Evo 2 bodykit.

Wira lancer gsr

Another Wira converted to Lancer GSR.

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