Monday, February 7, 2011

Modified Wira & Wira Body Kit part 4

Continues from the previous posts Modified Wira & Wira Body Kit part 1, part 2 and part 3, I would like to share some pictures of modified Wira and Wira body kit.

wira bodykit
wira bodykit

Very nice modified Wira Sedan, equipped with Evo style wheel arch and Evo 7 Spoiler. What is the name of the front bumper?

Wira Charge Speed 2 bumper

Wira Charge Speed 2 bumper.

wira bodykit

Wira Sedan with Promote front bumper and Evo 8 spoiler. Owned by Japan Xero Club.

Wira Evo 3 spoiler

Wira Evo 3 spoiler.

Wira VIP spoiler

Wira VIP spoiler.

Wira LED tail lamp and GT wing

Wira LED tail lamp and GT wing.

Wira GT spoiler

Wira GT spoiler.

Wira Evo X spoiler

Wira Evo X spoiler.

Wira Aeroback custom bodykit

Wira Aeroback custom bodykit.

Wira Aeroback audio car

Wira Aeroback audio car.

Extreme Wira wide bodykit

Extreme Wira wide bodykit audio car.

Extreme Wira Aeroback audio car

Extreme Wira Aeroback audio car.

Modified Wira Sedan

Modified Wira Sedan.

JDM Wira

JDM Wira with Mivec bumper, voltex bonnet and GT wing.

Wira convert Evo 2

Wira convert Evo 2.

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