Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nice Plate Number Mercedes

Mercedes Benz is a luxury car manufacturer. I would like to share some pictures of Mercedes car with nice plate number.

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class with plate number 1234.

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class with single digit 1 plate number.

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class with single digit 2 plate number.

Mercedes S Class

Single digit 9 Mercedes S Class.

Mercedes E Class Couple

Mercedes E Class Couple with plate number 6666.

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes C Class with plate number MBB8, looks like triple 8 together.

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes C Class with single digit 5 plate number.

Mercedes 600SEL

Mercedes 600SEL with single digit 3 plate number.

Mercedes C200 Kompressor

Mercedes C200 Kompressor with triple 8.


James said...

One thing that I observe about the Mercedes Benz Cars is that they have also the same design of plate numbers, is the plate numbers of those Cars are being made by the same number plate makers?

mahesh said...

Brilliant work - I really love the designs and enjoyed reading your process. Thanks for sharing this. It's a great insight to what I am starting on at the moment too.
All the best.
MERCEDES C200 Kompressor Melbourne

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